Start Up With the Business: Who Do You Turn to for Help

How to open a business or shop, with or without the help of the franchise? Each type will be examined and illustrated in its start-up path, reporting costs and opportunities relating to the sector. Use the search panel below to find information in the area of ​​your interest.If you want to find the right franchise for your ambitions, then start consulting Greg Anderson. To know more about him and his works,  visit

How to open an activity (explained well): “activity” means the supply of services or the sale of products that allows producing an income for the person who performs it (natural person or company).

Requirements to open own business – Any type requires some mandatory requirements:

  • Opening of a tax position (VAT number) by the subject (adult) or the company created by the latter to carry out the activity. Read the application How to open a VAT number.
  • Opening of the necessary social security and insurance positions (Imps and I nail).
  • DIA – declaration of commencement of activity to be sent to your municipality at least 30 days before the start.
  • Registration in the business registers.

The above obligations can be fulfilled by sending a single application called Unique Communication. Since 2008 the licenses are no longer necessary except for some particular sectors.

Read the deepening: Requirements to start a business and practical costs.

How to open a shop: a shop is nothing but an activity that has as its object the sale of goods (visit also Franchising Shops to open a franchise store); therefore, in addition to the above requirements, it may be necessary to fulfill other obligations based on the type of product we intend to offer. Through the panel below you can search for the type of store you wish to open and discover the requirements, the process and the costs to be incurred to start it, with or without affiliation to a franchise.

The medium and long term car hire is today one of the best bets that can be made to enter the car and mobility sector. For many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter the car, mobility and rental market, opening a medium / long-term rental can be, with due care, a highly profitable business opportunity.

The sector and the “secrets” to succeed

To date, contacting car rentals in the medium and long term is no longer just companies, freelancers and agents, but also individuals.

In fact, more and more private individuals, complicit with industry news, fixed and clear tariffs, as well as the expansion of the “sharing economy “, decide to “abandon” their own car in the face of the use of more dynamic, customizable formulas and such as ” car sharing ” or ” long term rent “.